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  • Imagine document Structural reliability and risk analysis

    Structural reliability and risk analysis

    Curs / Limbi Străine / Facultate

    1.1. Data samples If one performs a statistical experiment one usually obtains a sequence of observations. A typical example is shown in Table 1.1. These data were obtained by making standard tests for concrete compressive strength. We thus have a sample consisting of 30 sample values,...

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  • Imagine document Business Negotiation Techniques

    Business Negotiation Techniques

    Curs / Limbi Străine / Facultate

    Before starting ... Take a side: n "I want to get exactly what I want in any business or personal situation" n "I am willing to give in on issues that matter more to other than to me, in order to gain an advantage in future negotiations that is important to me". Exercise 1:...

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  • Imagine document Tristique ned la vita es

    Tristique ned la vita es

    Curs / Limbi Străine / Facultate

    Praesent dui urna, volutpat eu sollicitudin dictum, bibendum ut mauris. Donec eget lectus vel lectus convallis semper eget sed eros. Class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per conubia nostra, per inceptos himenaeos. Maecenas sed libero et leo rutrum egestas et feugiat lorem....

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