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  • Imagine document Christian Mythology în William Golding's Lord of the Flies

    Christian Mythology în William Golding's Lord of the Flies

    Referat / Engleză / Facultate

    The concept of myth has been defined in many ways during the ages. One of the definitions is the following: a myth is a traditional story, especially one concerning the early history of a people or explaining a natural or social phenomenon, and typically involving supernatural beings or...

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  • Imagine document Health Policy and Environmental Strategies

    Health Policy and Environmental Strategies

    Referat / Engleză / Facultate

    1. Introduction Every European Citizen has a right to an environment that does not endanger his or her health and to a high level of human health protection. This is implicit in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union (2000/C364/01), and since the Treaty of Lisbon, has...

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  • Imagine document Thin Red Line

    Thin Red Line

    Referat / Engleză / Facultate

    For some the thin red line is a movie about war. For me it is a book written by James Jones. There is a thin red line between the movie and the book. The book is a brick and might prove discouraging to the average reader. It is a book which, if read properly can be rewarding. As a...

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  • Imagine document The Logic of Cyberspace and Education în the 21st Century

    The Logic of Cyberspace and Education în the 21st Century

    Referat / Engleză / Facultate

    The present paper looks at the way in which cyberspace interconnects with culture and how this relationship affects the image of our present day society. I will also look into various ways in which cyberspace contributes to mankind’s acquisition of education and knowledge, as well as...

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  • Imagine document Film Study Comparison Between Letters From Iwo Jima and flags of our Fathers

    Film Study Comparison Between Letters From Iwo Jima and flags of our Fathers

    Referat / Engleză / Facultate

    In this present paper I will discuss two movies that have a deep and strong message engraved both in America’s heart, as well as in Japan’s honor. “Letters from Iwo Jima” & “Flags of Our Fathers” is my selection for this paper, because both movies are interesting, moreover they reflect...

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  • Imagine document Pragmatic Analysis

    Pragmatic Analysis

    Referat / Engleză / Facultate

    Theoretical background In my paper I will focus on the cooperative principle, which according to Grice we use this principle in order to interpret language on the assumption that that its sender is obeying four maxims. These maxims are the maxim of quantity, where the contribution to...

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  • Imagine document Hispanic Influence on the English Lexicon

    Hispanic Influence on the English Lexicon

    Referat / Engleză / Facultate

    I. Introduction From the beginning of the world – organized in societies, as we know it today – the linguistic element has always been an extremely important one. Also, one of the greatest signs that can be used as a proof of the on-going development of the society is the language,...

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  • Imagine document Children's Intelligence

    Children's Intelligence

    Referat / Engleză / Facultate

    Argument “Children`s Intelligence” is a topic chosen considering aspects like the level of interest and the amplitude of the subject. Children indeed have a great potential for anything because they are just as an open box or an empty virtual memry of a machine. It is well known that...

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  • Imagine document Evolution of moldovan political parties

    Evolution of moldovan political parties

    Referat / Engleză / Facultate

    The evolution of the political life of the Republic of Moldova is characterized by an alternation between changes and stability. This alternation is the essence of the transition of the Moldovan society from totalitarianism to democracy. The experience of the soviet inheritance and the...

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  • Imagine document Facebook


    Referat / Engleză / Facultate

    Facebook has recently been faced with the problem of fake news, these seems to have influenced important processes such as the american election. We think the social network found itself at the center of a debate about whether it aided Trump's surprise victory by allowing false news...

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  • Imagine document Allianz Tiriac - Insurance company

    Allianz Tiriac - Insurance company

    Referat / Engleză / Facultate

    Founded in 1890, Allianz is now one of the largest financial groups in the world. In 2004, on a consolidated basis, the Group achieved total revenues of 96.9 billion euros. Allianz brand is represented in more than 70 countries around the world, the network of economic entities forming...

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  • Imagine document Vegetarianism


    Referat / Engleză / Facultate

    To be or not to be? This is one of the most controversial questions when talking about this subject, mostly because the people are often confused and don’t know anymore which is the right thing to be done. Having compelling arguments on both sides, it is often hard for them to decide...

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  • Imagine document Persuasive computing and mobile healthcare

    Persuasive computing and mobile healthcare

    Referat / Engleză / Facultate

    Most people are unaware of public health recommendations which help reduce the risk of several diseases and health conditions. Healthcare experts and opinion leaders cite overwhelming evidence of an epidemic in diseases such as obesity and diabetes, despite numerous initiatives to...

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  • Imagine document Managing a successful business project

    Managing a successful business project

    Referat / Engleză / Facultate

    P1 Establish project aims, objectives and timeframes based on the chosen scenario. A project management is the application of technical knowledge, skills, models and management of resources to achieve a goal. This involves identifying the objective and what would determine successes and...

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  • Imagine document Genetically modified organisms

    Genetically modified organisms

    Referat / Engleză / Facultate

    Genetically modified foods have begun to become more and more present in our lives, whether we give it up or not. There are two camps: one that says genetic engineering does not have to be harmful, and on the other is European organizations that protest against this kind of food....

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