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  • Imagine document Product Price Promotion and History at Ferrero Company

    Product Price Promotion and History at Ferrero Company

    Proiect / Engleză / Facultate

    This remarkable story began in 1946, in Italy, where, after the war, candy and confections were in short supply and were purchased mainly for special occasions from the local sweet shop. It was here in northwestern Italy in the small town of Alba, that master confectioner Pietro Ferrero...

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  • Imagine document Design Snow Villge

    Design Snow Villge

    Proiect / Engleză / Facultate

    Snow Village Each year in late November, about one thousand truck loads of snow are used to create the Snow Village - a complex of ice and snow, changing shape and size every winter while retaining its unique magic, combining ice artistry, handicraft and breathtaking constructions made...

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  • Imagine document The Kinematic Model and the Simulation Of an Omidirectional Mobile Robot

    The Kinematic Model and the Simulation Of an Omidirectional Mobile Robot

    Proiect / Engleză / Facultate

    Mobile robots represent one of the most important fields of research today, because of their great utility in various fields of work. A very efficient type of mobile robot is the omnidirectional one. It has a configuration as presented in Fig.1, consisting of three arms positioned at...

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  • Imagine document Financial Marketing

    Financial Marketing

    Proiect / Engleză / Facultate

    What is a ,,market"? From an economic perspective,a market is any set of arrangements that enables voluntary agreements to be reached amoung its participants.There are three specific elements in this definition.Firstly,the set of arrangements include the spread of the unorganized...

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  • Imagine document Procter and Gamble

    Procter and Gamble

    Proiect / Engleză / Facultate

    A Humble Beginning Neither William Procter nor James Gamble ever intended to settle in Cincinnati. Although the city was a busy center of commerce and industry in the early nineteenth century, William, emigrating from England, and James, arriving from Ireland, were headed farther...

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  • Imagine document Paul Walker

    Paul Walker

    Proiect / Engleză / Facultate

    Early life Walker, the son of Cheryl (nee Crabtree), a fashion model, and Paul William Walker III, a sewer contractor, was born in Glendale,California, and raised in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles County He was of Irish, English, and German descent. His paternal...

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  • Imagine document Great Union Day - 1 Decembrie

    Great Union Day - 1 Decembrie

    Proiect / Engleză / Facultate

    Great Union Day (Romanian: Ziua Marii Uniri, also called Unification Day) occurring on December 1, is the national holiday of Romania. It commemorates the assembly of the delegates of ethnic Romanians held in Alba Iulia, which declared the Union of Transylvania with Romania. This...

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  • Imagine document Russian Multinationals în România and Their Impact Upon the Romanian Economy

    Russian Multinationals în România and Their Impact Upon the Romanian Economy

    Proiect / Engleză / Facultate

    In the early 2000s, numerous voices stated that the emergence of Russian multinationals was a threatening process, as they were envisioned as tools of regaining political hegemony rather than pure economic entities. However, many studies revealed that Russian multinationals are, in fact...

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  • Imagine document New York

    New York

    Proiect / Engleză / Facultate

    New York is possibly the most famous city in the world. Every year, millions of tourists come to see its skyscrapers and busy streets. To New Yorkers, it is THE city-the most exciting in the world also known as the city that never sleeps. New York City is on the east coast of the...

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  • Imagine document Cargo Carriers

    Cargo Carriers

    Proiect / Engleză / Facultate

    Cargo ships can be distinguished by the type of cargo they carry, especially since the means of handling the cargo is often highly visible. As noted below the trend is toward specialization in this regard. One consequence is a proliferation in types of cargo vessel. The present...

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  • Imagine document Pollution


    Proiect / Engleză / Facultate

    Pollution is the introduction of contaminants into the natural environment that cause adverse change, in the form of killing of life ,toxicity of environment , damage to ecosystem and aesthetics of our surrounding. An unwanted change in the environment which involves the physical,...

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  • Imagine document Soil pollution

    Soil pollution

    Proiect / Engleză / Facultate

    What is Soil ? Soil pollution. How is it caused ? Types of soil pollution What are the effects of soil pollution ? How can we control soil pollution ? Soil is the thin layer of organic and inorganic materials that covers the Earth's rocky surface. It is defined as the build-up...

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  • Imagine document Little Party Stars Business Plan

    Little Party Stars Business Plan

    Proiect / Engleză / Facultate

    1.1 The Product and Service Little Party Stars is a business that providing kids with education and entertainment. The products services offered will be divided into five packages. The products offered by package 1 will be Safety mats and ball pond and balls. Package 2 products services...

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  • Imagine document The global financial crisis of 2008

    The global financial crisis of 2008

    Proiect / Engleză / Master

    Introduction “A crisis is an opportunity riding a dangerous wind.” Chinese Proverb The Financial Crisis of 2008 stands as an enduring testament to the intricate interplay of financial markets, regulatory frameworks, and economic forces in the modern globalized economy. This event,...

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  • Imagine document Country comparison Romania-Spain

    Country comparison Romania-Spain

    Proiect / Engleză / Facultate

    1- History of Romania The history of Romania is rich and diverse, spanning thousands of years. Here is a brief overview: Dacians and Romans (c. 2000 BCE - 271 CE): The region now known as Romania was initially inhabited by the Dacians, an ancient Indo-European people. In 106 CE, the...

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