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  • Imagine document Neo Isolationism

    Neo Isolationism

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    Neo - isolationism - Neo-Isolationism advocates the United States remove itself from international politics in order to maintain its national security - United States is not responsible for, and cannot afford the costs of, maintaining world order - Neo-isolationism advises the United...

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  • Imagine document The Effect of a Parent în Child's Life

    The Effect of a Parent în Child's Life

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    The effect of a parent, teacher, or friend on your life I Believe That Parents, Teachers, and friends have effect on life year. Parents Are The Ones That They teach you right from wrong effect by teaching you how you to do things like cleaning, cooking, brushing your teeth to Even....

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  • Imagine document One Magic Christmas

    One Magic Christmas

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    My magic Christmas was at the same time the most peculier in my hole life. Eight years ago I spent my winter holliday at my grandparents, in a small village. That winter the snow was fantastic so my friends and I were very happy. On Christmas Eve we went in a neighbour village, over...

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  • Imagine document Many People Wrongly Believe that Fame Brings Happiness

    Many People Wrongly Believe that Fame Brings Happiness

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    Many famous people seem to be very happy, but we don't really know if they are really happy, or the way they act is only a mask of their lives. Firstly, it is undoubtedly the case that we live in an age when many people are admired for simply being famous, rather than for the way in...

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  • Imagine document The Issues of Race

    The Issues of Race

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    In the introduction of the essay, Joan Riley writes about the issues of race. The question of race is dealt with not with a biological and innocuous meaning, but as an emotive and infinitely manipulable form. Manipulation of public opinion, however politically or socially shaded...

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  • Imagine document Vizualizing the Invisible

    Vizualizing the Invisible

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    Visualizing the Invisible: towards an urban space Stephen Read si Camilo Pinilla Bibliografie: READ, S., PINILLA, C. (2006), Visualizing the Invisible: towards an urban space, Techne Press, Amsterdam www.scribd.com Agora reprezinta poate cel mai semnificativ spatiu al orasului...

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  • Imagine document New London School Explosion

    New London School Explosion

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    The New London School explosion occurred on March 18, 1937, when a natural gas leak caused an explosion, destroying the London School of New London, Texas, a community in Rusk County previously known as "London". The disaster killed more than 295 students and teachers, making it...

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  • Imagine document Mount Saint Helens Volcano

    Mount Saint Helens Volcano

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    Mount St. Helens Volcano March 16 - May 17, 1980: the volcano awakens The first sign of activity at Mount St. Helens in the spring of 1980 was a series of small earthquakes that began on March 16. After hundreds of additional earthquakes, steam explosions on March 27 blasted a crater...

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  • Imagine document Great Expectation

    Great Expectation

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    The aim of this essay is to explore the way in which main themes of the novel Great Expectations are presented in the beginning and their connection with the rest of the novel. Before we start the analysis, we should explain the following things: what is a theme? and what is Great...

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  • Imagine document Phonetic Stylistic Divices

    Phonetic Stylistic Divices

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    Separate sounds due to their acoustic properties may awake certain ideas, feelings, images, and emotions. Think of a gentle lapping and bubbling of water What do you feel listening to the screeching of something against a window pane? - So, different sounds have different effect on us....

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  • Imagine document Syntactical Stylistic Divices

    Syntactical Stylistic Divices

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    Inversion/Change of Word Order Inversion/Change of Word Order aims at making one of the members of the sentence more conspicuous, more important, more emphatic. 'Talent Mr.Micawber has; capital Mr.Micawber has not.' Came frightful days of snow and rain. Detached Construction...

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  • Imagine document The future of military robots

    The future of military robots

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    The military is undoubtedly the first user of new technologies and advancement, in technique, and is likewise, very regularly, the booster for new developments, when it becomes decisive to invent new technologies for military systems. Several essential technologies, which were used in...

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  • Imagine document Translation studies and cultural studies

    Translation studies and cultural studies

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    Some linguists and translation theorists argue that translation focuses only on language issues, ignoring its cultural specificity. We believe that translators should pay attention to the linguistic aspect because translation is an act of transferring a text from one language to...

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  • Imagine document Corporate social responsibility

    Corporate social responsibility

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    Ethical issues are part of every organization in the prospect of making the management and the business to achieve its growth and success. Instances of an organizational management being faced with ethical dilemmas often subject the organization to a situation that may be difficult to...

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  • Imagine document A Christmas carol

    A Christmas carol

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    Contemporany society shows what Charles Dickens wrote in 1843. It’s obvious that the society is divided in two sections: the first section consists of selfish people and the second section consists of people with kind heart. In the first section is Ebenezer Scrooge which is extremely...

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