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  • Imagine document Soil pollution

    Soil pollution

    Proiect / Engleză / Facultate

    What is Soil ? Soil pollution. How is it caused ? Types of soil pollution What are the effects of soil pollution ? How can we control soil pollution ? Soil is the thin layer of organic and inorganic materials that covers the Earth's rocky surface. It is defined as the build-up...

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  • Imagine document Facebook


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    Facebook has recently been faced with the problem of fake news, these seems to have influenced important processes such as the american election. We think the social network found itself at the center of a debate about whether it aided Trump's surprise victory by allowing false news...

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  • Imagine document Adjectives


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    adjectives =words -> give extra information about nouns do not change their form to show number or gender: The leading role was played by a young boy. Several young girls took the secondary roles. many adjectives are formed from other words -> spelling changes adjectives -> as...

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  • Imagine document The Rape of the Lock

    The Rape of the Lock

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    Pastorals (pub. 1709) An Essay on Criticism (1711) [in verse] The Rape of the Lock (1712; 1714; 1717) Windsor-Forest (1713) The Iliad of Homer, tr. (1715-20)-- creative translation/imitation Eloisa to Abelard (1717)-- an Ovidian heroic epistle in verse (modelled on the Heroides)...

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  • Imagine document Allianz Tiriac - Insurance company

    Allianz Tiriac - Insurance company

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    Founded in 1890, Allianz is now one of the largest financial groups in the world. In 2004, on a consolidated basis, the Group achieved total revenues of 96.9 billion euros. Allianz brand is represented in more than 70 countries around the world, the network of economic entities forming...

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  • Imagine document Vegetarianism


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    To be or not to be? This is one of the most controversial questions when talking about this subject, mostly because the people are often confused and don’t know anymore which is the right thing to be done. Having compelling arguments on both sides, it is often hard for them to decide...

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  • Imagine document Persuasive computing and mobile healthcare

    Persuasive computing and mobile healthcare

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    Most people are unaware of public health recommendations which help reduce the risk of several diseases and health conditions. Healthcare experts and opinion leaders cite overwhelming evidence of an epidemic in diseases such as obesity and diabetes, despite numerous initiatives to...

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  • Imagine document Religious art and religious rules

    Religious art and religious rules

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    The Seventh Ecumenical council met in Nicaea (province Bithynia, Asia Minor) from 24 September to 13 October 787, at the initiative of the queen regent Irene. Also known as the second Synod of Nicaea, this ecumenical council of Orthodox bishops gathered 350 people and was chaired by St....

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  • Imagine document Managing a successful business project

    Managing a successful business project

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    P1 Establish project aims, objectives and timeframes based on the chosen scenario. A project management is the application of technical knowledge, skills, models and management of resources to achieve a goal. This involves identifying the objective and what would determine successes and...

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  • Imagine document Translation studies and cultural studies

    Translation studies and cultural studies

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    Some linguists and translation theorists argue that translation focuses only on language issues, ignoring its cultural specificity. We believe that translators should pay attention to the linguistic aspect because translation is an act of transferring a text from one language to...

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  • Imagine document Little Party Stars Business Plan

    Little Party Stars Business Plan

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    1.1 The Product and Service Little Party Stars is a business that providing kids with education and entertainment. The products services offered will be divided into five packages. The products offered by package 1 will be Safety mats and ball pond and balls. Package 2 products services...

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  • Imagine document Corporate social responsibility

    Corporate social responsibility

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    Ethical issues are part of every organization in the prospect of making the management and the business to achieve its growth and success. Instances of an organizational management being faced with ethical dilemmas often subject the organization to a situation that may be difficult to...

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  • Imagine document Genetically modified organisms

    Genetically modified organisms

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    Genetically modified foods have begun to become more and more present in our lives, whether we give it up or not. There are two camps: one that says genetic engineering does not have to be harmful, and on the other is European organizations that protest against this kind of food....

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  • Imagine document A Christmas carol

    A Christmas carol

    Eseu / Engleză / Facultate

    Contemporany society shows what Charles Dickens wrote in 1843. It’s obvious that the society is divided in two sections: the first section consists of selfish people and the second section consists of people with kind heart. In the first section is Ebenezer Scrooge which is extremely...

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  • Imagine document Country comparison Romania-Spain

    Country comparison Romania-Spain

    Proiect / Engleză / Facultate

    1- History of Romania The history of Romania is rich and diverse, spanning thousands of years. Here is a brief overview: Dacians and Romans (c. 2000 BCE - 271 CE): The region now known as Romania was initially inhabited by the Dacians, an ancient Indo-European people. In 106 CE, the...

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