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  • Imagine document The finite element method

    The finite element method

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    EXERCISE No. 1 1.1 For the gravity dam with the cross section shown in the following figure, determine the displacements, the state of stress at the bottom of downstream slope and the reaction forces at the contact with the rock layer (along the embedment). Problem's data: a)....

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  • Imagine document Surveying


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    At this method the points of principal axes of the structures are set out and marked by nails, on the batter board and the project points are transferred on the ground by the plumb lines, suspended at places of wire intersection. Accuracy. If the points being set out are specified with...

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  • Imagine document Plan de afaceri - creșterea struților

    Plan de afaceri - creșterea struților

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    CAPITOLUL I IMAGINEA GLOBALA SI PLANUL DE ACTIUNE SC.ELSO.SRL este o firma de productie si comert care va avea ca obiect de activitate cresterea strutilor si comercializarea acestora si a produselor derivate. Initial vanzarea se va face direct de la ferma urmand ca in scurt timp...

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