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  • Imagine document Dispozitive de protezare specifice mâinii

    Dispozitive de protezare specifice mâinii

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    Organismul uman functioneaza ca un tot unitar, pe baza unor elemente ajutatoare, ce se imbina intr-o armonie perfecta. O afectiune sau un accident pot perturba armonia sistemului de functionare a organismului uman si pot genera durere, scaderea fortei musculare, diminuarea mobilitatii...

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  • Imagine document Field assignment

    Field assignment

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    "Oter Grup" is not one of the oldest transport companies on the market, but benefits from the contribution of two people with experience. (the two directors - Simona Enache and Alexandru Budoaica) Was founded in 2004 and it is active since then on the market. At the beginning, Oter...

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  • Imagine document Insurance în Netherlands

    Insurance în Netherlands

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    the Dutch Pensions and Insurance Authority, charged with supervision of all Dutch pension funds and insurance companies until 2004. In 2004 the Pensions and Insurance Authority was merged with De Nederlandsche Bank. Today, insurers in the Netherlands, fall under the supervision of both...

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