English and American climate and weather

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- 'By climate we mean the average weather as ascertained by many years' observations. Climate also takes into account the extreme weather experienced during that period. Climate is what on an average we may expect weather is what we actually get''

The United States and the United Kingdom share similar weather. Contrary to popular belief, the two countries share a similar climate, and the United Kingdom boasts warmer temperatures than many might think.

The United States includes a wide variety of climate types due to its large size, range of geographic features, and non-contiguous arrangement. The climate of England is mild and wet, due mainly to its closeness to the Atlantic ocean and the effect of the Gulf Stream.

In the USA, the northern states are the coldest, with bitter, freezing winters - especially in the plains, Midwest and Northeast. Low temperatures in January and February in the Northwest are occasionally tempered by warm winds from the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains. In the UK temperatures are warmest in the south, but the country has consistent warm temperatures. In June and October day temperatures tend to be cool. In July and September temperatures are about 10 degrees higher.

Summer in the United States varies with each geographical region. In the plains and southern states, the weather is hot and humid. The southwest tends to have little rain and hot temperatures, while the northern states have pleasant temperatures during the day and cooler nights while the United Kingdom leans toward warm, enjoyable days with a mixture of sun and clouds.

Winter in the United Kingdom gets cold and snowy in the northern regions of England and the Northern Highlands of Scotland. In general, mild, damp winters with cloudy days abound, in the United States it varies greatly, with the northern states cold and snowy and the southern to southwestern states warm.

In the USA, tornado season arrives in the Midwest between April and June, and hurricanes are common in early summer along the southern East Coast and Gulf of Mexico coast. Here are more tornadoes than the rest of the countries of the world combined. In the UK strong winds occur mainly in the autumn and winter months associated with low pressure systems. Thunderstorms are most common in southern and eastern England, and least common in the north and west.

In conclusion England averages 154 days of precipitation each year. Obviously, the United States is going to vary greatly. And Wisconsin, a US state, averages 88 days of precipitation each year ,so England has nearly twice the number of rainy, snowy days as Wisconsin!

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