The British Class System

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double-barrel name favourite sports: cricket, horse riding, skiing abroad, etc.

go to Oxbridge -university Managers, civil servants (Beamte), professional classes, businessmen The upper middle class important stratum of society replaced the aristocracy in politics, administration, civil services avoid slum areas and neighbourhood of coloured immigrants prefer pleasant modern suburbs, surrounded by green areas -> detached or semi-detached houses both parents work have 2 cars and own the latest modcons (Gerate) ambitious (ehrgeizig) at the education of their children -> grammar school, public school Owners of small businesses, commuters (Pendler), non-manual white collar office workers (builders, ) biggest stratum of the British society The lower middle class Semi-skilled or unskilled workers The working class have antagonistic feelings (feindliche Gefuhle) towards the other classes have their own exclusive cultural and social events terraced houses, close to their neighbours or councils (Sozialwohnung) mixed easily with the coloured people cheap holiday camps if they can afford (sich leisten konnen) or popular resorts (Majorca) state schools, often do not care about education -> skive off the school or leave it without exam -> youth unemployment ...

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