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Marketing in Japan Japan has been an attractive destination for foreign business, and progressive businesses are aware that they need a presence there. Some of the walls that have protected Japan against foreign entry have been crumbling away, thus making Japan more accessible to foreign business. By 1998, only about 7 percent of Japan's GDP was related to imports, one of the few countries with a figure in single digits and the lowest figure amongst industrialized nations. With such a high GDP and a deregulating economy, this presents a huge potential, for American businesses. The options for American firms wishing to enter the Japanese market are as follows: 100 percent ownership Establish a new plant of office (wholly owned subsidiary). 100 percent buyout of a Japanese firm (takeover). Partial ownership Establish a joint venture (subsidiary) with a Japanese firm. Purchase a controlling stockholding in a Japanese firm. Purchase a minority stockholding in a Japanese firm. No ownership Establish a supply relationship with a Japanese firm (exporter). Enter into a licensing arrangement.

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