Ireland Between 1169 And 1541

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- the inferior (unterlegen) king of Leinster (Dermot Mac Murchada) asked by King Heinrich 2. for Anglo-Norman barons to help him - Heinrich came 1171 to Ireland with a big army to prevent an independant Anglo- Norman kingdom - One year later most Kings Munsters and Leinsters, and also the Anglo-Norman barons was defeated - they had only some rights - at 1300 early 65 per cent were in the hand of the new conquerer - the defeated kept only the highlands - 1185 and 1210 came Heinrich s son Johann to Ireland - he wanted to stop the spread (Ausbreitung) from the Anglo-Norman - Beginning of the 14. of century began the Irish to fights against the foreign reign (Fremdherrschaft) - After the battle by Bannockburn 1314 came the Scottish king, Edward Bruce, to I Ireland - He tried without success to defeated the English - Although Bruce plan went wrong, England lost sth. from the power -After the plague (Pest) epidemic of 1348, the Irish population had halved herself - The island was no more rich - the English landowners onlylived in the foreign countries - In the coming years, were the English interests still pushed through. - 1537 tried the English King Heinrich 8. to bring the Reformation to Ireland - but the population remained Catholic - 1541 became Heinrich king of Ireland.


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