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Ireland Facts & Statistics Republic of Ireland Population 3, 626, 2087 (1996) Capital City Dublin Land Area 70, 283 sqkm (27, 136 sqml) Language English, Gaelic (Irish) Religion Roman Catholic, Protestant Currency Euro Exports Beef & Dairy products, Information Technology (Hardware & Software) Pharmaceuticals Imports Machinery, Vehicles, Textiles, Fuel Principal Occupations Agriculture, Technology, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Tourism National Sports Gaelic Football, Hurling, Soccer, Climate Temperate mild Winters, with rain during Summers. Northern Ireland (UK) Population 1, 578, 000 (1996) Capital Belfast Land Area 14, 121 sqkm (5, 452 sqml) Language English Religion Protestant, Roman Catholic Currency Sterling Pound Exports Agricultural products, Machinery Imports Fuel, Vehicles, Textiles SCOPE: The Irish/English Conflict has existed since the English defeated the Irish in the Twelfth Century. England maintained rule of Ireland for 700 years until the 1916 Irish revolt led to a division of Ireland. The Catholic south became independent Ireland and the north (with its majority Protestant population) became a part of Great Britain. Most northern Catholics were against this partition and since the 1960s, the IRA (Irish Republican Army) has been fighting a terrorist campaign for reunification and the ouster of the British. A ceasefire and the beginning of peace negotiations in 1994 brought hopes of peace. In 1996, after a lack of progress in the peace talks, the IRA reinitiated terrorist tactics. Belfast: Much nature around Belfast Old looking houses Dark and dirty city Demo of Protestants Observation by soldiers and police Murals on the walls ...

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