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This Department was established following the merger of part of the previous Department of Administration and Conferences and part of those of the previous Department of Finance. The Department also includes the position of Accountant General provided for in Article 23 paragraph 2 of the Abuja Treaty.

i) Provide the administrative, financial and personnel support services required by the Organization and play a leadership and advisory role in the overall administrative and financial management of the OAU resources and its various programmes and projects in order to facilitate the overall achievement of the Organization s objectives.

ii) Provide an overall supervision and guidance on and expedite administrative action on the OAU s Human, financial and material resources in accordance with OAU policies, the Staff Rules and Regulations, the Financial Rules and Regulations and other relevant established procedures and practices.

iii) Advise on the required structural changes and adjustments in order to improve the administrative and financial management systems as well as the methods of work and procedures established in the Organization.

iv) Carry out consultations with relevant Departments/Offices with a view to review some administrative and financial issues requiring a policy decision to be taken by the competent Organs.

v) Coordinate the work of relevant advisory bodies such as the Joint Disciplinary Board and other ad hoc bodies in order to advise the Secretary-General on action to be taken to resolve the problems at hand.

vi) Prepare the yearly programme and budgetary proposals for the Department and ensure the implementation of those programmes and budgets as approved.

vii) Direct, organize, control and evaluate the activities of the various Divisions or the Department in order to ensure the correct application of the Rules and procedures, the provision of adequate services in terms of personnel, financial obligations, medical assistance, maintenance, security, feedback to queries, etc viii) Evaluate on regular basis the operational systems, methods, procedures in order to suggest the required reforms.

ix) Ensure an orderly and accurate management and accounting for the financial resources and maintain up-to-date financial records in order to reflect the correct financial status of the Organization.

x) Ensure the preparation, monitoring and review of the annual budget of income and expenditure and to advise the higher authorities on the status on regular basis.

xi) Serve the Advisory Committee on Financial, Budgetary and Administrative matters as well other relevant policy decision-making organs and provide them with all the information and advice required.

This Department is composed of the following: i) Office of the Director ii) Office of the Accountant General iii) Human Resources Development Division iv) Organization and Methods, Systems and Information Technology Division v) Medical ...

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