Computer And Internet Addiction

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This subject received my attention, because I do know it represents a real problem today. More and more people suffer of this problem, especially young people. I can almost say that I have the same problem too. Many people think that computer and internet addiction its not a real problem, but it is fore sure a serious affection.

A demonstrated loss of control, like anger, shouting, frustrated for no reason when trying to stop or limit the amount of time spend on the computer.

Promising to quit or cut down and not being able to do so. In this way breaking promises to self or others. An overdeveloped sense of importance for the computer in ones life. Defending your right to use the computer as much as desired, regardless of the fact that people in your life are feeling left out and neglected. And of course like any addiction denial of the problem. I think there are many type of addictions on the computer, like gaming addiction, navigating on the internet addiction, chating addiction, programming addiction and others, frecvently combined Mixed feelings of euphoria, combined with feelings of guilt brought on by either the inordinate amount of time spent on the computer or the abnormal behavior acted out while using the computer.

Sometime seeing some random images in sleep or not. Thinking of how to solve something on the computer even while you are not on the computer.

Feelings of depression or anxiety and insomnia, usually staying up late like sleeping the whole day and the night spent on the computer.

Finding yourself using the computer at times when you are feeling uncomfortable, irritated, or sad about something happening in your life. Many use a computer for a hide out from reality. Spending too much money on hardware components of the computer, like buying a much performant video adapter or hard-disk. So these are real problems and it is recommended not to be neglected. Many people spend every day, every night on the computer.

entire months lost on the computer for entertaintment purposes.

As the technology advances, I think that this is raising to be even a more serious problem, the technology of the video game for example seeks to be more real, to play a game and to feel it like its real, like you are living it. That why I think this is a good thing only for those who can organize their time on a computer, and not for those hwo forget its time to eat or to sleep. The technology is getting closer to ultimate virtual reality and this is good for the technology advance, but its not good for those already addicted or almost addicted.

I think everyone must check the priorities before using a computer and try to limit as much as possible the time. This doesn t include using a computer for business or school purposes that much.

Internet Addiction is a growing concern in the Information Age. Internet access is a vital part of the modern world and an important tool in the education of our children. It ...

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