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12. 1 American Dream Text: the American Dream by James Truslow Adams In this text, Adams warns that the American Dream shouldn?t be misunderstood. It?s not a dream of motor cars and high wages, but a dream of a social order in which each man and each woman shall be able to attain to the fullest stature of which they are innately capable. He warns that people should be recognize for what they are and not for their wealth. He says, life is not only about technological progress+personal riches In his opinion some things have to be done and some have to be avoided in the future. what have to be done is: all people need to strive for a high communal, spritual+intellectucal life. Those on top, financially, intellectually or otherwise must devote themselves to the attainment of the Great Society. Those who are below in the scale must strive to rise, not only economirally, but culturally. All members of the community have to work together, no longer to build bigger, but to build better. But all people also need to avoid any development through which they might become stark realists. People need to avoid becoming once more class-conscious+struggle as individuals or classes against one another and giving themselves up as individuals to selfishness, physical comfort and cheap amusement. Nobody must mistake more quantity with qualitiy Text: A Nation of Immigrants Before the 19th century, Pilgrim Fathers had come toAmerica and the contribution to the American Way of Life is Thanksgiving. Then there had been the outlaws, the outcasts from Europe, who didn?t agree with the government. They were generally accepted. They had european culture, Protestants, hard-working+englisch speaking. Many African came to America as well, not as immigrants but chattles, for slavery. In the 19th century, Northern Europeans like Germans&Norwegians came to the US, but they were sought out. They have determined the mentality of certain States (Nebraska). The Irish (catholics) came to the US and their contribution to the A. W. of L is the St. Patricks Day. Many Chinese tried to come to America, but they were rejected. With the Southern Europeans, like the Spaniands+Italiens, the selection started to choose who will come to the US In the 20th century, more Europeans (Italiens; polish, Irish) and Jews came to America. They found work and political security. They transformed American urban cities and had a positive influence on the economy. The Jews, persecuted by the nazis, had a priority for entry and won?t received. Also large numbers of immigrants from Indochine, Vietnam, Cuba came to the Us, but in the beginning the assimilation was difficult, but in the end they became typical Americans and opened businesses and were owner of small houses. Then Spanish-speaking immigrants from cental and South Africa came to the US, some legally, some illegally. People were suspicious+frightened that a Latino culture will overpower Americans culture in the south. But the employers were happy, because they were ...

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