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Priestley was born in Bradford in 1894 (september, 13. ). His father, Jonathan Priestley, was a prosperous schoolmaster; his mother died shortly after his birth. He attended Bradford Grammar School, but left his studies at the age of sixteen and worked as a junior clerk. At this time, he started writing articles for papers and poems for his own pleasure. During World War First, Priestley did a voluntary service in the British Army. 1919, he began to study literature, history and political science in Cambridge where he received his B. A. two years later. From 1922 on he worked as a journalist in London. He gained international popularity with his novel The Good Companion. Priestley started writing plays in the 1930s, when he also founded his own production company. Through the performance of his plays such as An Inspector Calls, Priestley was characterised as Shakespeare of the little man and compared with Dickens. After the outbreak of World War Second, Priestley reached popularity as a patriotic radio broadcaster and criticiser of Great Britain conducts. Priestley was married three times, for the first time in 1919 with Emily Tempest, who died young in 1925. His second marriage was with Mary Wyndham Lewis. And in 1953 he married the archeologist and writer Jacquetta Hawkes. The couple lived near Stratford-upon-Avon. Priestley had success as a writer, he was director of the Mask Theatre in London, he was member of the International Theatre-company, he was sent to UNESCO conference as delegate of U. K. he had passed a very active and long life, when he died on August fourteenth, 1984. For his service he was given the order of merit in 1977, before he refused both knighthood and peerage. Dangerous Corners Laburnum Grove English Journey Literature and a Western Man 1962 Margin Released 1976 Found, Lost, Found 3. AN INSPECTOR CALLS 3. 1 Genesis and Intention of the play An Inspector calls by J. B. Priestley was written within a week of World War II towards the end in 1945, and published two years later. The play itself is set in an industrial city in 1912, when Britain still had its Empire and was a wealthy country. The time span between these dates exists to make us aware of what has happened. Priestley hoped that his play gives society the chance to look back and to learn from the mistakes made. 3. 2 Short Summary An Inspector calls takes place in the dining room in the suburban house of the wealthy industrialist Arthur Birling. Together with his wife Sibyl and his son Eric he celebrates the engagement between his daughter Sheila and Gerald Croft. Suddenly, an inspector appears a the door and wants to look round and talk to the family. He tells about a girl called Eva Smith who committed suicide, and he wants to ask some questions in this connection. During the interrogation of each person it becomes clear that everyone in the family is to blame morally for the death of Eva Smith. (The faults of ...

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