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Bananas are a pound.

3. Where can I buy some candy? You can buy. 4. Do eggs cost 95 cents a dozen? Yes. They re. 5. When do you like to eat oranges? I like to eat oranges.

6. How much are? Lemons are 78 cents a pound.

7. Do you want some coffee? No. I. 8. What s the? I don t know the price of potatoes.

9. Where can I?

You can buy some fruit at this store.

10. What do you? I want some lemon in my tea.

11. Is an orange a or a?

An orange is a fruit.

12. What do you at the store? I want to buy some fruit and vegetables.

13. Can I have some money? No. I. 14. What do you for dinner this evening.

I don t want dinner this evening.

15. Can the children have some candy? No. The. 16. Do you? Yes. I want some candy.

Example: Jack is not spending money.

Jack isn t spending money.

They are not selling the car.

They aren t selling the car.

1. He is not buying a new home.

2. She is not walking to school today.

3. Frank and I are not going to be cold.

4. We are not living in California.

5. You are not paying for lunch.

6. George and Sharon are not coming early.

7. Bill is not happy at his job.

8. John is not good at math.

9. My tea is not hot.

10. They are not rich.

11. The children are not tired.

12. You are married.

13. Bob is not walking home today.

14. My grandparents are not old.


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