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b. He drives safely.

c. He drives too slowly.

4. I had better go home. a. I should go b. I might go c. I can go 5. He spends a great deal of time working.

a. No, he works very little.

b. He doesn t work at all.

c. Yes, he works a lot.

6. Is it raining? Yes, it s raining.

a. yet b. still c. not 7. Bob has already that movie.

a. saw b. see c. seen 8. Did you put the stamp the envelope? a. for b. in c. on 9. The boys are horses.

a. riding b. ride c. ridden 10. This book is than the last one.

a. easy b. easier c. more easy 11. Anna can TV until 10: 00. a. watch b. watches c. watches 12. The boys are pizza.

a. eats b. eating eaten 13. Terry made mistakes than Robert.

a. many b. much c. more 14. He doesn t ever call after 11: 00 PM.

a. usually b. often c. never 15. Please hand me paper.

a. some b. any c. few 16. Julie didn t us the truth.

a. told b. tells c. tell 17. The weather is than it was yesterday.

a. warmer b. warm c. more warm 18. I have known Robert three years.

a. since b. in c. for 19. Carl and his family lived in the house 1971. a. since b. in c. for 20. There are months in a year.

a. seven b. twelve c. four 21. You are going to be late if you don t hurry.

a. You will be late.

b. You should be late.

c. You can be late.

22. It has to rain.

a. begin b. beginning c. begun 23. The Johnsons are still living in Dallas.

Do they live in Dallas? a. Yes, they did. b. No, they don t. c. Yes, they do.

24. the food getting better? a. Do b. Are c. Is 25. Classes in the building usually at 1435 hrs.

a. end b. ends c. ending 26. You can reach the top shelf more than I can.

a. easy c. easily c. easier 27. Betty s father gave her permission to go to the dance. Her father said. a. You may go.

b. You must go c. You can t go.

28. Jon is late for work, so he is. a. hurrying b. hurry c. should hurry 29. David to put the address on the package.

a. forget b. forgot c. forgetting 31. Barbara always good movies.

a. enjoy b. enjoys c. enjoying 32. Is the barber cutting your hair now? Yes, he. a. was b. is c. does 33. Yesterday s test was than today s test. a. harder b. easy c. does 34. the doctor told me I a bad cold.

a. had b. has c. having 35. Roy and Lenny going to town tonight? a. Is b. Are c. Did 36. When I arrived, the Wilson s. a. leave b. will leave c. were leaving 37. It isn t 6: 00 PM yet. What time is it? a. before six b. exactly six c. after six 38. I have to finish my homework, but I don t have any paper.

a. He has some paper.

b. He has no paper.

c. He doesn t need paper.


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