Community Partnerships

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The community is what brings people together, whether at church, school, offices or at the stadium. That is why a good community leadership and governance, a developed security and the well-being of the citizens are vital to the welfare of the community. Studies in the field examine the management of the community and they also come up with solutions and suggestions to address the problems that occur within the community.

The purpose of this brief is to illustrate the state of the governance, security and the well-being of the community as it is today. The necessity of this analysis is to reveal the main points and issues of the community and to propose methods of improvement where required.

As it is generally acknowledged, any government in any state has two fundamental responsibilities - the insurance of the security and the well-being of its every citizen. This is also available for the "local" government, the community (Hunter & Mack, 1996, p.30). Although with various meanings (Young, 2011, p.5), the concept of community, in its pragmatic form, not only does it not give prejudice to the authority of the Government, but on contrary, it helps exert it, because authority means order and efficiency. There is however, a risk factor in this case: too much order, without efficiency leads to authoritarianism. Likewise, efficiency without the support of order can lead to anarchy (Schachter, 1989, p. 99). A country is governed by laws and acts of the Government, but it also governs on regional and local levels. Therefore, when assessing the application of the governing program, it must be taken into consideration how the principles and priorities work on those levels. This truly reflects the importance of the local community and the contribution it has towards building and managing the society.

Further to this, local governance requires, first of all, the definement of the main security and welfare objectives on a local level. These in turn are built according to the national priorities with regards to categories such as education, health, infrastructure or culture. The local agenda must then be put in correspondence with the national investment schemes. In contrast to political theory however (because reform is essentially made possible by exclusive will state actors decisions), to reform is to update. What is claimed pursuant to such an initiative, what content it takes and especially what consequences it concerns are some of the questions that can help portray the local democracy. Free to propose an exhaustive an increased efficiency in the provision of public services (Stoker, 1998, p. 17), the government focuses on how the company made its choices, allocated resources, and underlined common values advocating the existence of alternatives options, maximizing impact by minimizing effort and promoting the concept of social profit.


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