Basic grammar

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Use too or very, whichever makes the meaning clearer.

1. This coffee is hot.

2. It is hot to drink.

3. The weather is hot.

4. It is hot to wear a coat.

Circle the correct word in each sentence.

1. He doesn t drink (much, many) coffee.

2. She doesn t have (much, many) work to do.

3. Do you have (much, many) money? 4. There aren t (much, many) cars in the parking lot.

5. This classroom has (a little, few) chairs.

6. Jets use (a great quantity, much) fuel.

7. There is (a little, a few) hope.

Underline adjectives and label ADJ. Also, underline adverbs and label ADV.

1. John is a good speaker.

2. Mary writes very poorly.

3. She works very slowly.

4. He is a hard worker.

5. The student feels sleepy.

Add a tag question to the end of each sentence.

Answer the question with a short answer.

1. He s the commander, he? Yes. 2. She isn t here, ? No. 3. He has a new car. 4. You study hard.

5. You can go with us. Add do, does, or did to the verb for emphasis.

1. She studies hard.

2. He went home early.

3. The letter came.

4. You spend a lot of money.

5. He called.

Select and circle the correct word.

1. She is (saying, telling) Mary the news.

2. He never (says, tells) lies.

3. I (told, said) good-bye to my friend.

4. Jack (said, told) a good story.

5. Please (say, tell) George about the lesson.

Indicate whether make means cause to or force to in each sentence.

1. My mother made me wear this dress.

2. The warm weather makes me sleepy.

3. The teacher is making us review this lesson.

5. Drinking too much coffee will make you nervous.

Fill in the blanks with do or does.

1. you your homework? 2. They speak very well.

3. She the housework and I the dishes.

4. the class begin at nine? ...

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