Are You For Or Against Tattooesi

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There has been a great debate on the issue of getting a tattoo. Every culture in the world has had tattoos.

Permanent or temporary, tattoos are in. Many people do not know whether tattoo themselves or not.

Firstly, a design may be significant to you personally because of a decision or accomplishment you have made in your life. When you decide to live your life based on a certain set of principles, you can choose a design to signify that. When you decide to commit to a relationship with one person for the rest of your life, a tattoo can be a lifelong reminder. A heart with your lovers name can be romantic as long as your commitment lasts as long as the tattoo. You could choose a design with a military theme to commemorate completing your military training. Furthermore there are people whose job is to tattoo people.

More and more states are requiring licensure or certification in order to practice the art of tattooing. In contrast, the number of people getting tattoos is very much impacted by the economy. Clearly, body art of any sort is not a necessity and can get dropped from peoples budgets during lean times. During those times, it is extremely hard to make a living as a tattoo artist.

Recently, tattoos have become fashionable. Because of that you may like a certain design at specific place on your body. You might like tattoos because they tell something about you.

A certain animal, flower or symbol may indicate something about your personality or values. Secondly, each person getting the same tattoo can cement the bond between you by being a reminder of your unique experience together. Whether you competed on a sports team, acted in a play, performed in a music group, or participated in a community action group, a tattoo can help you remember the experience and your common bond with the other people.

On the other hand you have to think ahead when you choose a tattoo. There are many reasons why you might choose a tattoo, but try to think through the possible implications. For instance, you are not allowed to join the U. S. Army if you have certain types of tattoos, or tattoos in certain places on your body. Some companies will not hire you if you have visible tattoos.

Your body changes shape as age and gravity take their toll, and your tattoo will change along with it.

For this reason in the late years has appeared the tattoo which can be removed. Your priorities, values and relationships sometimes change as you get older and more mature, but tattoos do not, so that you should have a temporary tattoo; it will be better for you.

My opinion is that we should not tattoo ourselves because the time passes and we are changing our way of thinking, our image and our body. Although I would never tattoo myself, I do not have anything with those who does it; it is their life and body and they are free to do whatever they want.


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