Advertising For and Against

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Advertising is a comunication tecnique that implies a persuasive demarche , to whose achievement it uses specific instruments for massive comunication , so that this can challenge a psychological pressure for the target.

In today's world advertising is an important part of our economy. Advertisers are hired by companies, to come up with ads that will sell their product. Advertisers and marketers say that by advertising, it keeps the economy running. However, advertisers go way to far in trying to sell their product. They use a language full of euphemisms to try and trick the consumer into thinking their product is the best on the market. They use such things as applying their product to children, knowing that children are inexperienced in the today's market, to try and sell their product. They also use things like color and coarse language to make the product appeal to the consumer. Advertisers go too far in their advertisements, in order to compete with their rival company, and to make money.

"Your job is to figure out exactly what each word is doing in an ad- what each word means, not what the advertiser wants you to think it means." In this quote, William Lutz describes a form of language that is widely used in advertising. (Goshgarian 313)

The use of doublespeak helps advertisers make their product seem as if it is a miracle product. In doublespeak advertisers, don't use definite words. This makes the product have no definite levels of how good the product works.

Lutz makes a good point in saying that these doublespeak slogans help sell products. "Remember, the ad is trying to get you to buy a product, so it will put the product in the best possible light, using any device, trick or means legally allowed." (Goshgarian 313)

Another thing advertiser use in their commercials is the use of additives or accessories. In the advertisement of a product, an advertiser may say that the product has a high amount of a certain chemical that no one that uses the product actually has heard of before. If people hear things like "Certs contains a sparkling drop of Retsyn" (Goshgarian 311) .Consumers hear this and say, "wow Certs is better then Tic Tacs because it has Retsyn!!"

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