Account for my likes and dislikes in my comparison of the film She devil

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Account for my likes and dislikes in my comparison of the film She-Devil and the novel The Life and Loves of a She Devil The first thing that is striking one is the different ending of the film and the novel. In the beginning the story is developing mainly the same, but the ending of the film is completely changed from the novel that it is based on. There, the ending can be considered as quite bad and hopeless. Mary Fisher is dying because of cancer, and Ruth is taking her place after she has become a new Mary Fisher. In contrast to that, the film has a typical happy-ending. Mary Fisher is becoming a serious author, and Ruth and Bobbo are certainly getting a relationship again after his stay in prison (it is not shown in the film). The reason for that may be, that usually Hollywood-movies - or American high-budget films in general - use to have happy-endings. The producers of the film may have considered the ending of the book as not useful for the cinema, because the public - used to the Hollywood movies - might not have liked it. In my opinion the ending of the film is quite superficial and simplified, while the one of the novel is very deep. The author is accusing and criticising the public, as it is usually in books. This declaration is unfortunately being lost in the film version. The whole sequence of action has been put into another order in the film than it was in the book.

That is a usual procedure when you make a film. The viewer of the film already gets to know the main characters in the introduction, but in the novel, they are not all appearing at once but in the run of the action. Another problem is the persons that are acting in the novel. It is normally hard for a film director to find actors which exactly correspond to the characters described in the novel. That is why there can be found some differences in the characters. Roseanne Barr, the actress playing Ruth Patchett, is relatively small, but thick, in contrast to Ruth in the novel, who is described as strong, tall, and therefore huge. Mary Fisher should be small, thin and attractive. The actress playing her, Meryl Streep, is taller than she should be, according to the novel. That is the reason why the difference between Ruth and Mary is changed in the film. In the novel Ruth is a giant compared to Mary, but because this is not happening in the film, a striking contrast between them is the different amount of attractivity. Ruths children are described in the novel as being the wrong way round, the son is small and feminine while the daughter is huge and more masculine. This cannot be found in the film version. In the film, Olivia Honey is reduced to a naive, superficial blond woman, while in the novel Elsie Flower (she is changing her name into Olivia Honey later on) is much smarter and deeper. Nurse Hopkins in the novel is small but wide, while the nurse (for some reason called Hooper) in the film is tiny and thin Fortunately, the other ...

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