The Judgement Day September 11th 2001

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The day of September 11th 2001 will remain as a dark day in history. All people know about this day and what happened at this date. On this day, the terrorism reached its highest point since the beginnings till now and maybe similar events will be greater. (God forbid!). All the other terrorist events didn't create such a wave of fear, revolt and hate. However, sometimes we ask ourselves if a human being is capable of doing such a thing. Faith was, it is, and it will be a goal for which people will kill each other, but one thing is to sacrifice your life in an honourable way, and another thing is to kill yourself pulling after you 4000 innocent lives: "Great things demand great sacrifices".

Being objective, I remember perfectly what I saw on TV that morning. I turned on the TV and I saw images with one of the two towers burning intensely. That image was unimaginable. Suddenly, two things came to my mind: 1."Could this be the beginning of the end?" And 2."Could this be the start of The World War Three?". I'm quite sure that my thought was a general one and every man on the Earth asked himself the same questions. And indeed, on that day World War Three started, but a war different from what we know. This is a silent war, in which you fight against an invisible enemy, almost undetectable, who is hiding very well. That day The World War Three started, a war against terrorism and tyranny.

Anyway, something final happened on the clear sky of the Occident. Something important and, maybe, not very clear, but perceived by the global community as a fact meant to mark an irrevocable moment, the start of an epoch-making change. For all of us, the image of the two Boeings crashing the Twin Towers was enough to understand that the Apocalypse, as it was imagined, could finally erupt on the face of the Earth.

But, beyond this tragedy and the horror of loosing thousands of lives, there is hiding something else: the final combat, "dies irae", The Judgement Day, between two global systems which, for a long time only watched each other from distance till they came to this final and direct confrontation. This is not about the Christian world on one side and the Islamic world on the other side, here is about the World of richness, individualism, progress, and efficiency on a side and The World of poverty, misery and blind faith on the other side. These two different worlds had to meet, finally to confront themselves and destroy each other as sandcastles. It is important to see that they are based on different conceptions concerning life: in the previous century it seemed that the western world broke any connections with the spirit and its purposes were only material

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