The European Union And România

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Many of us, the romanian people and not only us, but also the people of other nationality, all gathered under the title of europeans, have wondered at a certain point of our lives: What is, in fact, the European Union? and In what realities or aspects of the societ can and will be materialised the E. U. In my opinion, the EU represents a functional system of belives, freedom, real changes of ideas, democracy, stability and prosperity, all created for a european world without frontieres, in wich the diplomatic relationships between states and individuals are in the present and will become in the future, the main key for a developed european society. Thinking from another point of view and also focusing on the society from a more particular image, precisly refering to individuals and social or personal activities or actions, the EU reflects itself in economy, in culture, in education and in other socialfields, but also the EU involves the mutual respect of the ethical, civil and juridical rights and obligation. Concerning culture and education, EU tries to preserve the specific and the tradition of each member state. Being part of EU doesn t mean losing your national identity, like some of the people less informed concerning this mather belive. In fact, the EU realises strong conections and partenerships between nations with the intention of producing benefits and cultural, political, religious and social exchange. In my opinion, the process of EU integration represents a real possibility for reuniting, rebuilding Europe and sharing values.

These democratic values are preserved and defended trough a useful legislation. We can not talk about democracy and real development without laws and juridical proceedings that preserve the values of the human society and that protect the rights of every human been. It is important to know that the development of the society could be affected by social, political negative elements, such as corruption, bribe, murders, drugs, alchool etc. All these negative elements will always exist, no mather how useful ti turns to be one or other social programme. It is imposible to eliminate offences.

The european society and not only has to find, to search ways for reducing the level of offences.

Specialised institutions, programmes and a complex legal base applied on various situations are the succesfull methods of getting to a positive result.

Generally speaking, the law provides the functioning of the whole society. Without law we can not discuss about any organised society, about any state. Laws and political acts regulate the organisationing, the functioning, the atributes of institutions, governments etc. and also the relationships between authorities, institutions, associations etc. In supporting this afirmation and the importance of the law and of the political acts, we can refer to a historical EU moment: the signing of the Treaty, which established the new European Constitution and the Final Act ...

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