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In what concerns me, Australia's "The man who sued God" is an absorbing, quite funny film, with a drop of romance and drama, although the subject is related to economy, (more specific comprehensive insurance clause titled "Acts of God") a stiff and rigid field.

The action centers around Steve Myers, played by Billy Connelly, a divorced and disillusioned ex-lawyer who is unable to claim damages from the insurance company for his destroyed boat, stroked by lightning. The small yacht was his only piece of property, estimated by an agent of the "Monarch Alliance" insurance company at 150 000 $.

I really loved the way Connelly played his character, he's a great actor who fits perfect in Steve's role. He is a funny guy, with excellent advocate skills, although he backed of from the law area, a great father, and he prove up to the end to be quite romantic, being grateful to God, because through his act with material consequences, he found love fulfillment. It didn't bothered me his small alcohol issues and his bad habit to swear, after all, we all have our own bad habits, so we don't have to convict him for that. More than that, he was unusually funny in the scenes which highlight those customs.

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